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We are a 24/7 SMP server, we have lots of fun plugins and great staff to help everyone out. Our server is dedicated to serving and helping out its members as much as posible. Please join the forum if you are a fluent visitor of our server to give your inp
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 Hello Mike.

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PostSubject: Hello Mike.   Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:53 pm

I really didn't like your initial reaction to my normal behavior. The Mike I know would've just ignored me or muted me and teleported me away. But no, he's different. He bans you with the first excuse, is he holding a grudge? Maybe. But as of now, I am banned from mikesminecraft.no-ip.org. I was also reported to MCbans.com for this "behavior". I can guarantee you that there is someone else who has been banned for worse behavior (in fact, I know it!). I would like an apology and to be unbanned and have the ban on MCbans.com taken off. If you do do this I will also apologize and swear on The Book of Mormon that I'll never set foot in Mike's virtual house again. If the ban is not pardoned and take off of MCbans.com I will report the server for unreasonable banning and irresponsible use to no-ip.org. That is all, have a wonderful day Mike.
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Hello Mike.
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